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In regards to the Motorcoach Marketing program, we love it.
We sent out the church cards through a local mailing company to every church within 50
miles. So far, we have had a great response and 4-5 people booked trips from it. I plan on
using the safety ones soon by sending them to our new customers. All of our staff and drivers
love the modern design and the finished products. So far I’m very happy with the
service. It works well and looks great!

Chris Knittel, New Mexico Texas Coaches, LLC

“We have used the Motorcoach Marketing council products throughout the companies that we own and have had great results from purchasing these products.”

Scott Riccio, Northeast Charter & Tour

“We used the GoMotorcoach postcards to book more business with new customers, we found them to be simple, easy and effective.”

Jeff Rogers, First Class Tours

“We use the videos as a training tool, from that tool I can have discussions with my staff about how they are going to move forward in their sales techniques.”

Kim Grzywacz, CIT Signature Transportation


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