Did you know that church groups make up an entire tourism segment? Religious or faith tourism takes place when people travel individually or in groups for pilgrimage, missionary, leisure, or fellowship purposes.

Want to hear some interesting facts and figures?

There are 50,000 churches in the United States with established religious travel programs. According to the World Tourism Organization, an estimated 330 million pilgrims visit the world’s key religious sites every year. The Religious Conference Management Association reports that more than 14.7 million people attend religious conferences every year in the United States alone. The Christian Camp and Conference Association states that more than 8 million people are involved in member camps and conferences, including more than 120,000 churches. And, finally (and perhaps the most important of all): in a recent study, 25% of travelers said they were currently interested in taking a spiritual vacation.

Bottom line? If you’re interested in expanding your church transportation campaign, our tools are here to help you succeed!

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