There are about 7 and a half million people that ride on a motorcoach each year. If we use simple math, we can say that at best, 1 in 40 of them booked the trip and knew exactly how much it cost, approximately 187,000. At first glance, that may seem like a big number, but realize that there are nearly 320 million people in the US alone… This means that only 0.0006 percent of the country knows just how cost effective we are.

There are no other forms of group transportation that offer the flexibility and cost effectiveness that motorcoaches do. This campaign is here to emphasize this huge advantage to those buyers who may not have used coaches in the past.

Remember that most of the country has never been on a modern luxury motorcoach and even those that have, the idea of chartering one may seem out of reach based on incorrect assumptions.

Use this campaign to shift their paradigm and to change their inaccurate preconceived notions, and you will find new and exciting markets ready to book your fleet.

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