Would you be interested in landing more charter business involving events with attendee numbers ranging from 51 to 200 attendees, lasting on average 3 days and had a significant budget and were very likely to use a charter bus as part of the event?

We know you are, and you may be surprised to learn that this event is indeed a family reunion.

A recent survey by reunion magazine showed that 66% of the family reunions had over 51 people attending some well over 200. 46% reported having events lasting 3 days or more and an additional 20% were meeting for two days. 68% had their venues chosen one year in advance and an additional 23% had chosen 2 years in advance. 26% of the events were using professional tour companies and 23% were using buses.

Family reunions can be big business and these tools will let you show those matching-t-shirt-wearing-reunion-attending families that your company is the local expert in making their together time even better.

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