For Immediate release-

The Motorcoach Marketing Council Semi-Annual Board Meeting took place on April 7-8, 2016, in Philadelphia.  Operators, vendors and associations from around North America came together to focus on helping motorcoach operators in North America sell more charters, to more people, for more money.

At this meeting, important changes were made in the board’s leadership, as the existing executive team members’ terms of service were expiring.  Peter Shelbo (Tour West America) has been serving as President, with Gladys Gillis (Starline Luxury Tours) as Vice President, Scott Riccio (Northeast Charter & Tour) as Secretary, Elaine Fickett (H&L Charter) as Treasurer, and Autumn Dipert-Brown (Dan Dipert Coaches & Tours) as Ex-Officio for the last 2 years.  We gratefully acknowledge their time, talents, and dedication on behalf of our association and the industry.

The board would like to make particular mention of Gladys Gillis, Elaine Fickett, and Autumn Dipert-Brown, who have given a combined service of over 15 years.  They will be deeply missed, and we would like to thank them for their vision and service, and likewise acknowledge their unparalleled dedication to the mission of the council and motorcoach industry. 

Due to these changes, a new era of leadership for the council has come, and the following individuals have been elected to serve in these positions:

President/Chair: Jeff Rogers (First Class Tours, Houston, TX)

Vice President: Scott Riccio (Northeast Charter & Tour, Lewiston, ME)

Secretary/Treasurer: Michelle Petelicki (Panorama Tours, Clifton, NJ)

Ex-Officio: Peter Shelbo (Tour West America, Phoenix, AZ)

In addition to instating these new officers, Andrea Lorentz of Great Canadian Holidays joined the board, and the Ontario Motor Coach Association was appointed as the 4th association to be awarded a standing board position (joining United Motorcoach Association, International Motorcoach Group, and the American Bus Association).  Doug Switzer, President/CEO of Ontario Motor Coach Association, will be their appointed board member.  We welcome our new board of directors, as well as those just joining our association, and look forward to serving with them to further the mission of the council and to better serve the operators in North America.

We also gratefully acknowledge Debbie Piner (Prevost), Michaela Grundman (CH Bus Sales/Temsa), and Brent Maitland (MCI/Setra), who attended our meeting as representatives of the industry steering committee (which is helping shape the new products and offerings that will be available to operators in the coming years).

Over the last few years, the council has created a myriad of products and trainings that are helping operators sell their services. Accordingly, the central focus of this meeting was to explore how we can better engage the operator with the industry, enabling them to positively influence the buying public and get more people to choose to GoMotorcoach when they have group travel needs. 

The council is also working to overcome marketing challenges within the industry.  The typical complaint among many operators in North America is that they’re too busy to focus on their marketing goals, and that they simply never get to refining their marketing efforts to the professional standard they’d like to achieve. In response to this concern, we are working to address this need by developing some exciting new services for operators that we anticipate will be available early 2017.

Finally, all board members attend this meeting at their own expense, and the council is grateful for our sponsors that helped provide meals for the meeting.  Thank you to Lancer Insurance Company, MCI/Setra, CH Bus Sales/Temsa, and National Interstate for supporting the council by providing food at this meeting.

The Motorcoach Marketing Council is dedicated to helping more people choose to GoMotorcoach by helping individual operators better sell their services in their markets. We are excited about the progress that was made during this semi-annual meeting, and look forward to this work coming to fruition and rolling out new products and services that will continue to make it easier for charter operators to sell more charters, to more people, for more money.

To learn more about the council, its products and services, visit their website at, or join an upcoming free webinar designed to help companies get started using the myriad of available tools, many of which are free. Click here to see the schedule.