Phoenix, Arizona November 2nd –

At its semi-annual meeting in Phoenix on October 29th, the Motorcoach Marketing Council announced a new Executive Director to help the council move its objectives into the future. Chinook Holdings and its principal, Christian Riddell, have been named to fill the position. Christian has been the spokesman for the council during the previous 2 years and has been instrumental in the development of the council’s products, services, and trainings.

“We are excited at this new chapter in the history of the council,” said Peter Shelbo, the council’s chairman. “This is a very exciting new direction for us. We are thrilled at the opportunities this presents to us and to the industry we serve.”

Riddell has a long history in the motorcoach industry, starting his career as a driver and sales manager for a small operation in Portland, Oregon. After a decade away from the industry, where he spent the interim time working to hone his marketing skills (including the opportunity to serve as the Creative Director for a large west coast company), he came back to bring his expertise to the business he is so passionate about. In the last 5 years he has created several companies that all serve the motorcoach industry, including the development of websites, marketing materials, industry newsletters and more.

“I love this industry. It is something that I am very passionate about. It is an industry filled with good people, working day in and day out to deliver a service that makes North America a better place to be. I am thrilled that my company can continue to help operators sell more charters to more people for more money. This new position allows us to help take the council to the next level. The future of this great organization is very exciting.”

The Motorcoach Council’s GoMotorcoach program… has recently been receiving international attention and has helped hundreds of operators around North America create powerful inexpensive marketing materials, train their sales staff, create powerful social media campaigns, recruit new drivers and market more effectively.

About The Motorcoach Marketing Council

The Motorcoach Marketing Council is a non profit organization whose VOLUNTEER board members are motorcoach operators and motorcoach associations from around North America. Its mission is to help operators sell more charters to more people for more money. Their products and services are helping operators more effectively market their services and recruit drivers quickly, easily, and inexpensively. For more information about the council, visit their website

Press Contacts

Christian Riddell
Executive Director
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Peter Shelbo
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