Currently in the US, there are an estimated 31,700 sedans, 25,100 stretch limos, 19,700 SUV’s, 6,600 vans and 500 vintage cars that are generating over 2 billion dollars worth of revenue each year in the luxury transportation market. This equipment along with the 7422 limo operators who own them, have dominated the proverbially corner on the luxury transportation market for a long time. However, you and I both know that modern motorcoaches can offer as much or even more luxury to passengers than many of these more traditionally thought-of solutions.

If your company offers luxury equipment, this campaign is designed to help you capture more of this massive market. If you want to capture more luxury business, if you want to bring more buyers out of limos, SUV’s and town cars, this campaign has been designed for you.

From corporate clients to proms and parties, we all know that nothing is better for groups than a motorcoach, and this campaign will demonstrate this to your buying audience.

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