Project Description

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Tradition reminds us that greeting cards should be personal. Greeting cards traditionally exude feelings of warmth and sincerity. Our culture supports the idea that greeting cards are a personal form of communication, usually sent from someone who has a relationship with you. In a world filled with impersonal forms of communication such as letters and mass email, memorable greeting cards are a refreshing marketing tool that will add a personal and memorable touch to your interaction with clients. By incorporating corporate greeting cards into your marketing strategy, you are sending the message to your recipient that your relationship with them matters to you.

Corporate greeting cards can be used for just about any stage of the sales cycle. Here are a few types of cards that are effective marketing tools.
  • Prospecting Cards
  • Thank You Cards
  • Referral Cards
  • Condolences Cards
  • Holiday cards
  • Birthday Cards
  • Customer Retention Cards
  • Consistent Booking Cards
  • Lost Touch Cards