In America alone, winter sports is a 12 billion dollar a year industry. It doesn’t matter if you look out your window and see palm trees or ski lifts, there is no doubt that there are people in your market who will be traveling to hit the slopes this year. Skier/Rider visits top out at around 60 million year and many of those will be looking for a way to safely get to and from the resorts they frequent.

With active resorts in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, California, Colorado, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Minnesota, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Utah, Massachusetts, Oregon, Alaska, New Mexico, Wyoming, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, Connecticut, Nevada, West Virginia, Arizona, Iowa, North Dakota, Virginia, Indiana, New Jersey, Missouri, Alabama, Maryland, Rhode Island and Tennessee, no matter where your company is, you are within charter distance of a mountain!

This campaign is designed to give you the tools to show your local Ski or Board enthusiast groups that not only is taking a motorcoach to their next group outing a good choice, but that it is the better choice!

So it doesn’t matter if you live in the North, South, East or West, this campaign will help you put more board toting, back woods skiing, powder seeking, winter sports enthusiasts on your coaches than you ever thought possible.

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