You may be surprised to learn of the huge size of this market, and although not a very big percentage of them are currently using motorcoaches for their transportation needs, this campaign will give you the tools and the training necessary to capture more of this lucrative market. Whether you are just getting into the market or trying to expand your market share, youth sports is a great way to grow your charter business.

In the US alone, over 35 million children participate in youth sports, but what may excite you even more is that over 60% of those do it outside of school. This means that they are not simply climbing on the school buses and being shuttled to and from the games. Parents and teams are responsible for the transportation.

This campaign gives you the tools needed to show those parents and coaches that motorcoach travel is not only is a great way to move their teams to and from the games, but it is also simply better for the team than driving individual cars.

From high school teams to competition “elite” teams, this campaign places more of this lucrative market right in your strike zone!

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